Your Strategic Alliance…

Gaining admission to graduate school is more than filling out forms. It is the art and the science of synthesizing a candidate’s professional, academic, and personal credentials and goals into a powerful, compelling, and persuasive presentation to an Admissions Board. To achieve this end, Maxx Associates forms a personal partnership, a strong working union with every client, to capture the special talents, unique qualities, and distinct vision that transform a candidate from qualified to exceptional, from standard to standout, from applicant … to entrant.

If you are ready to work hard in pursuit of graduate school admission, and you are looking for an ally who will work side by side with you to bring out your best, your personal partnership awaits at Maxx Associates.

Forward-thinking strategy tailored to your situation.

 First-Time Applicants

Not all applicants get admitted, whether it be due to supply and demand, weak academics, low test scores, underdeveloped records, etc. If you’re ready to take your best shot Maxx Associates can help.

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The reapplicant faces the daunting task of trying to turn a no into a yes. It is not always possible, and it is never easy. But if you are ready to give it one more try, Maxx Associates is ready to give you help.

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