International Applicants

international applicants – conquering cultural hurdles

Applying to graduate school is fraught with complications for all applicants. For international applicants, the complications are greater still. Faced with such difficulties as language barriers, geographical distance, and cultural differences, the process and problems can seem overwhelming. Above all, the application itself requires an understanding of cultural nuance from overall strategy to essay choices to content balance. When you consider additional issues such as understanding differences in graduate programs and linking your goals and credentials to the appropriate program, it is easy to see how international applicants can benefit from guidance through this complex process.

Maxx Associates provides specific assistance to international applicants in the following areas:

  • Understanding each MBA program’s underlying philosophy
  • Tailoring applications according to programs’ fundamental principles
  • Presenting pertinent content
  • Selecting essay topics
  • Achieving subtlety and depth in language
  • Overcoming differences in cultural idiom
  • Preparing for interviews

Graduate schools welcome applicants from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds, but they do not always make it easy. If you are ready to meet the special challenges facing international applicants, Maxx Associates is ready to help.