reapplicants – one more try

Not all applicants get admitted. This happens for a variety, and sometimes a mixture, of reasons: supply and demand, weak academics, low test scores, underdeveloped professional or community record, international and domestic diversity limitations, mismatched goals, application errors, unsuccessful interviews or just poor timing.

Whatever your reasons, if you are ready to make your next shot your best shot, Maxx Associates can help, first by analyzing the circumstances behind your previous rejection and then by guiding you through the challenging and delicate process of reapplication.

The reapplication process begins by addressing such questions as:

  • Was your original choice of school(s) realistic?
  • Have you made changes in your profile that makes it realistic now?
  • How many schools should you apply to this year? In what round(s)?
  • Is reapplication at a particular school a viable option?
  • How can you counter over-representation by geographic region or industry?
  • Should you risk retesting?
  • Do your goals fit with the program’s philosophy?
  • Does your personality fit with the program’s environment?
  • Did you get an interview invite? Did the interview go well?
  • Who were your references? What did they say?

Subsequent strategies and tactics for repositioning you include:

  • Transforming Admissions’ image of you
  • Showcasing new strengths, new perspectives
  • Advancing your MBA and career goals
  • Seizing missed opportunities to stand out
  • Upgrading (not just updating) your profile
  • Conveying passion in your essays
  • Selecting other references

The reapplicant faces the daunting task of trying to turn a no into a yes. It is never easy. But if you are ready to give it one more try, Maxx Associates is ready to help you get where you want to go.