Ding Analysis

the road to yes sometimes leads through no

You did everything right. You excelled at work, outpaced your peers, engaged in your community, earned a competitive GMAT/GRE score, secured highly supportive recommendations, wrote honest essays, and applied in a timely manner. With some programs, you even obtained the interview invite. Yet, you did not get accepted to the program(s) you most desired. Why? What else could you have possibly done? And if you had, would it really have made any difference? These are not the only questions you might find yourself asking.

You might also be contemplating:

  • Is it worth the time, effort, and cost to reapply?
  • Are the same programs realistic targets?
  • How will the prior decision impact next year’s admission chances?
  • Are there any alternatives?

These are the sort of questions that Maxx Associates will address with you in a Ding Analysis.   Through a one-on-one consultation with Maxx, you will gain personal insight into your prior application:

  • The image you portrayed
  • The competition you faced
  • The messages you sent
  • The connection (or lack thereof) you made
  • The nuances of the admissions read

Armed with this assessment, you can make an informed decision on whether, when, and how to reapply. Turn to Maxx Associates for an enlightening ding analysis, so that you can save time and create a personalized plan for moving ahead.