seize the strategic initiative

Some people start to prepare for graduate school years in advance by thinking in terms of classes to take, positions to secure, and organizations to join. This forward-thinking strategy allows applicants to create, grow and shape the professional and personal profile that they will ultimately present to Admissions. If you are engaged in this long-term endeavor, Maxx Associates can help you:

  • Define your graduate school goals
  • Develop and elaborate your career vision
  • Prepare a timetable for professional growth
  • Add honors and distinctions to your profile
  • Address shortfalls in your background
  • Identify opportunities for professional development
  • Increase the quality and relevance of your community engagements
  • Refine your approach to testing

Maxx Associates offers a pre-planning consultation to help individuals map their long range pre-application strategy, goals, vision, and activities. We also help keep you on track throughout this phase of your professional development. If you know that graduate school is part of your future, Maxx Associates can help you chart your course.