Editing Services

writing and developing your drafts

For excellence in execution on the page, Maxx Associates provides keen editorial insights and strategic development of your essays, resumes, biographical material and short-answer responses. To improve the content, style and presentation of your application, you will receive:

  • Suggestions for improving and enhancing your materials
  • Alternatives to problematic responses
  • Concrete, actionable notes on all written work
  • Insights into draft-over-draft content evolution
  • A rationale for the editing criteria used
  • Reliable strategies for generating appropriate content quickly
  • A bedrock understanding of what your words are intended to convey

The strength of a Maxx Associates edit is the admissions read, an examination of your application from the admissions officer’s point of view. Via this wholistic approach, we address the totality and continuity of your application, surfacing both subtle problems and hidden opportunities.

While Maxx Associates will be happy to help you with as many applications as you like, our underlying goal is to teach you how to be your own editor. Therefore, while editing one application (usually your toughest or most problematic), we’ll also be giving you tips, techniques, and strategic insights that you can apply to other applications you might write.