Initial Strategy Consultation

application consulting – the ins and outs

Before you write a word…

In order for you to avoid common pitfalls and seize opportunities that you might not even know exist, Maxx Associates offers a 2-module Initial Consultation. Before you write a single word or fill out a single line of an application form, you might want to consider taking one or both of the following modules:


Module 1: Analysis of Credentials
This module is designed to give you a clearer, more comprehensive understanding of the admission criteria, and provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your application(s). Maxx’s goal is first to teach you how to think like an admissions officer, and then teach you how to apply that thinking to your personal circumstances. Maxx assess your academic and professional qualifications and suggest programs suited to your profile and goals. She points out “hidden” strengths that you should highlight; she also devises strategies to overcome both obvious and unperceived weaknesses in your background. She discusses graduate programs in context of your career goals and in context of your credentials. Finally, she offers you a personalized, strategic plan to build your profile for the graduate field and admission application(s) that you are considering.


Module 2: Structuring Your Application
This module focuses on the task of creating an outstanding application. Known as the application walk-through, this module helps you understand how to integrate your background with the biographical (“fill-in-the-blank”) sections and essay question(s), all the while keeping admission criteria firmly in mind. Maxx discusses your responses, looks at alternatives, and specifies why, where and how to present additional information in order to separate you from the masses of the applicant pool. She helps you understand what changes and adjustments are necessary when applying to multiple programs, especially if those programs have differing philosophies and/or methodologies. Maxx Associates also provides guidelines for upgrading your writing style and your overall application presentation. Finally, Maxx suggests techniques for securing insightful recommendations that go beyond the normally strong ones submitted.

The overall goal of the Initial Consultation is simple: to give you a personalized strategy for completing each and every application. For continuity purposes, Maxx Associates recommends taking the two-module initial consultation in a single session. However, individual circumstances differ; thus, the two modules can be conducted as stand-alone sessions where appropriate.

The Initial Consultation may be conducted in person, over the telephone or via Skype. Full 2-module Initial Consultations generally run two to three hours in length, depending on individual circumstances.