Interview Strategy and Simulation

shine in the spotlight

While not all graduate programs offer an interview as part of the admission process, it is considered a crucial element of the selection criteria to those programs that do. To shine in such circumstances requires a strategic understanding of the interview process, techniques for top performance, and thorough preparation. Maxx Associates provides all of these elements in an interview strategy and simulation comprised of three parts.

Part One: Understanding the Interview

To prepare you for interviewing excellence, Maxx Associates gives you strategic insight into such issues as:

  • Your goals for the interview
  • Admissions’ expectations and intent
  • How to prepare yourself and your materials
  • Verbal and physical presentation
  • Aspects of your profile to highlight
  • How to respond to challenging questions
  • Steps to take prior to your interview

Part Two: The Simulation

Practice makes progress. It also makes you feel more relaxed and self-assured heading into your interview. To that end, we create a bespoke mock interview that gives you experience in:

  • Showcasing your strengths
  • Presenting yourself authentically
  • Communicating your educational and professional goals
  • Conveying your career vision
  • Addressing deficiencies in your background or academics
  • Delivering effective answers to the most challenging questions

Part Three: Evaluation and Feedback

Immediately after the mock interview, you will receive direct, concrete feedback on what you did well and where you need to invest further effort. This part of the interview simulation gives you an understanding of:

  • How completely and correctly you answered the questions
  • Verbal or physical tics you may have displayed
  • Your pace, poise, and tone
  • How you presented and developed your points
  • Additional preparation that you require
  • Opportunities you may have overlooked

The interview simulation generally runs about two hours, with an additional half-hour of preparation time to create your purpose-built mock interview. It will leave you well equipped to conduct your interviews with a clear sense of your objectives and approaches, and with a bit of experience under your belt.