Waitlist Strategies

now what do you do?

The initial reaction to receiving a wait list decision is usually one of disappointment.  After all, you didn’t get admitted. Then again, you didn’t get rejected, a decision that could just as easily have been given. A waitlist decision is a positive step; it means that the candidate’s credentials are strong enough – and qualified enough – to be considered for admission once the school has seen more of its applicant pool and recalibrated space available for the incoming class. Does that mean that everything in the candidate’s profile is perfect? Not necessarily, but it also doesn’t mean that everything is a problem.

There are lots of reasons why a candidate might have been placed on the waitlist. While the reasons might be intriguing to know – and Maxx Associates can help you assess them – the real question is: What can you do about your waitlist status?

Maxx Associates will help you address such questions as: 

  • What if the school says that you cannot submit anything else?
  • Do you have new information to share?
  • Should you exploit a “connection” at the school?
  • What if you called your interviewer?
  • Should you secure an additional reference letter?
  • What if you went to campus and presented yourself to Admissions?

Maxx Associates will guide you on these questions and others you might have. Because if you’re still on the waitlist, you still have a chance, and you can make the most of that chance.